Andrew Mogridge

Living and working in the largely isolated, and often insular eastern part of the Eastern Cape I havecome to accept and relish my provincial status which provides a unique vantage point from whichto observe the colloquial peculiarities of the region.

I adopt and adapt mediums with whim and lyricism and prefer to work impulsively using easilyaccessible materials. The playfulness, naivety of the poster format become a subterfuge, a gentleeasing into a violent world. Invented words and typographical clues play to our obsessive need fornarrative and meaning where none exists.

For more than twenty years I have worked almost exclusively with the theme of violence.Though a never ending series of paintings, drawings, pots and prints my work brings to life a set ofviolent actors in a cruel and violent country. Locked in a never ending battle they play to theirmurderous dialogues and intentions with complete disregard for the damage to the bodies in theirrampant paths.

I make a conscious effort not to rationalize or derive meaning from my creative decisions,preferring to allow the work to arrive kicking and screaming into this beautiful place. If pushed Icould best be described as a pro-modern extra linguistic abstract realist with a penchant for theabsurd, primitive agricultural techniques and untranslated sixteenth century French poetry. I aminspired by the works of any artist who has taken up the disturbing mantle that is honestself-expression. I am deeply sceptical of the Shroud of Turin and spaceships.

As a multi disciplinary artist I have played, engineered and produced sounds so absurd as to bemagnificently unlistenable. As a visual artists I have painted, printed and potted for public andprivate display.

I believe that just being an artist in a country with such diverse and complex ideas of culture is apowerful act of subversion, one in which I relish.

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