Jan Tshikhuthula

Tshikhuthula’s work is characterised by a sophisticated and elegant sense of design allied with an impeccable technique and superb drawing skills.

His work symbolises both power and movement, displaying his personal journey into finding the spirit of his grandfather that connects artists through their parallel art forms.

Jan Tshikhuthula was born  in Tzaneen, South Africa in 1983.

In 2005 he studied at the Matongoni Art Academy under the mentorship of Avhashoni Mainganye, who encouraged him to specialize in printmaking at the Artist Proof Studio. He then moved to Johannesburg where he obtained his Professional Printmaking Certificate from Artist Proof Studio in 2010.

He has participated in a number of group shows with various Artist Proof Studio artists and continues to run a range of printmaking workshops with the Special Projects Outreach department at Artist Proof Studio.

In the last year, he has returned to Tzaneen to continue to develop his sculptural work.






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