1968                       Natal, South Africa

2000 -2013           Residence: Volterra, Italy and Norg, Holland



1992                       Awarded Eastern Province Society of Fine Art Eisteddfod Flaoting Trophy for best work in figure drawing               

1987-1990            University: Rhodes University, Grahamstown

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA)

Major Subjects: History of Art and Sculpture

Distinctions: Basic Art and Sculpture

1986                       Awarded two scholarships to study Bachelor of Fine Art, majoring in Autonomous Art and Art History; Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa

1983-1986            Johannesburg School of Art, Ballet, Drama & Music.



2013                       Morren Galleries, Netherlands

2010                       Morren Galleries, Netherlands

2009                       Knysna Fine Art, South Africa

2008                       Galerie Utrecht, Netherlands

2007                       Utrecht: Galerie Utrecht

2002                       Nieuweschans: Galerie WiekXX

2000                       Nieuweschans: Galerie WiekXX

1998                       Elizabeth Gordan Gallery, Durban, South Africa



2011                       Galerie Zofier, Netherlands

2004 – 2008         Realisme Art Fair, Netherlands

2007                       New Year Exhibition, Netherlands

                                Ijdelheid der ijdelheiden, Netherlands

                                Winter, Galerie Zofier, Netherlands

                                Jubileum Exhibition, Netherlands

                                New Season Exhibition, Netherlands


2006                       Droombeelden, Netherlands

                                Summer Exhibition, Netherlands

                                Light and Shadow, Netherlands

                               Assen: Drents Museum, Netherlands


2005                       New Season Exhibition, Nethrlands

                                Groningen: Salon del Arte, Netherlands

Women, Nieuweschoot: Galerie Zofier, Netherlands


2002                       Summer Exhibition, Netherlands

                                Utrecht: Spring Exhibition, Galerie Utrecht, Netherlands

                                Amsterdam: KunsaRai Art Fair, Netherlands


2001                       Helenaveen: Galerie van den Broek, Netherlands

                                Amsterdam: KunsRai Art Fair, Netherlands


2000                       Moves to the Netherlands and is represented by Morren Galleries, Netherlands

Nieuweschans: Galerie WiekXX, Netherlands

Huis en Haard, Augustus, Netherlands  

                                Shared Feature Artist – Easter Exhibition, April, South Africa


1997                       Christmas Exhibition, South Africa

1995-1997            Pretoria: Member of the Magnolia Artists market, (Monthly Open-Air Exhibitions)

Durban: Elizabeth Gordon Gallery, South Africa


1993-1997            Johannesburg: Member of the Artists Market Association, (Monthly Open-Air Exhibitions), South Africa

1990                       Travelling Exhibition: Swan Press Young Artists Competition       

Grahamstown: Standard Bank Young Artists Award Competition


1989                       Port Elizabeth: Eastern Province Society of Fine Art



1998 – 2013         25 Portrait commissions

1999                       Five paintings for Homeopathic Doctor Harry van der Zeeâ’s book ‘’Miasms in Labour’’



"The focus of my work is the world of feeling, both in the portrait and the landscape. I use these genres as a means to investigate the versatility and the ever changing elements of humans and nature. The female form has usually, but not exclusively my attention, because it is a world that I can relate to the easiest. It brings an endless source of inspiration and therefore the ability to tell a story, personal as well as universal. A certain degree of realism, placed alongside the abstract, is visible in my work.

I always seek for an enviroment in which the figure can naturally live. The figure, portrayed within his or her world, creates a more complete portrait. While my approach to the figure is mostly realistic and to the world surrounding him or her more abstract, both have an equally important expressive value. Combining these two in this way also allows more space for free interpretation where not everything is explained and where the spiritual aspect of the inner person can take form. This has lead me to work on larger canvases where the size itself has given me more possibilities to realise this. Of course I am not saying that this couldn’t be done in smaller works as well. I am just stating my preference.

The transition between the traditional ideas of reality and the limitlessness of the imagination are of great importance to me and it's a joy to explore these fragile boundaries.

My figurative paintings are an exploration of the spiritual journey involved in a human life. I am searching for the visual means to portray the layers of experience and passages of learning which form and deform us as people. In considering these aspects I hope to discover more of the essence and the fabric of myself and others, of our place on this earth, as individuals and in relation to one another. 

My landscape paintings are an expression of my love for nature and for space and stillness. In these paintings I want to create an opening and a sense of sacred space that the viewer can become part of, like a small retreat one can go to.

In preparing for my latest exhibition I focused almost entirely on landscapes. I’ve always loved painting nature - in particular trees - and while studying the work of Turner I could feel the richness of the genre and the endless possibilities it offers.

Another reason for focusing on landscapes in this time of my life is the fact that I needed to re-connect with my inner sense of beauty and feeling. Working with the landscape as subject has helped me to re-explore the substance of paint itself as a medium for expression, it’s colour and texture and the (relative) freedom it gives me. A feeling very different to that of painting a portrait with the sometimes restricting rules required to create a likeness. Having concentrated on the landscape feels like a valuable experience and one that I’m sure will influence my future figurative work. The process of discovery in working on the landscapes has brought me joy and new visions.