"...There are many fine artists in South Africa, but there are relatively few original painters. Painters who love the material and the process for its own sake. Painters who let the paint move you rather than their own good intentions. And who sees the relationship between drawing and painting as essential....We can see fragments of a life with ordinary, domestic things to care for; flowers, dogs, a radio...We can see uncommon things like icebergs. But we also see paintings about the lonelines of trying to create yourself and trying to get rid of yourself which is to an extent the core activity of art....Leon Vermeulen has given us access to beautifully sensuous, yet restrained spaces. Someone who is able to paint a sock with so much love understands what it means to be touched."

- Marlene Dumas, August 2010, Amsterdam


Leon Vermeulen is an ABSA KKNK 2014 featured artist. Oudtshoorn; 29 March - 5 April 2014.


This exhibition 'Portraits - a safe place' can be viewed at The Gallery at Grande Provence, Franschhoek.

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The Other Shore XII
The Other Shore XII

watercolour & ink on fabriano, 100 x 70 cm

The Other Shore XII
The Other Shore XII The Other Shore XII