Robert Slingsby

Robert Slingsby has worked exclusively as a professional artist for over four decades. He obtained his art education through spending five years at the Vrije Akademie, in Den Haag, Holland. Slingsby is recognized for his dynamic ability with regard to his expertise in many forms of artistic expression. He draws inspiration while his art is influenced by a long-standing interest in rock art world wide, ancient cultures, their history and ethnography, while expressing deep concerns for marginalized peoples and the environment.

Slingsby has been characterised as an activist artist engaging in subjects ahead of time using traditional, experimental as well as advanced mediums and techniques. Slingsby uses the humblest of materials such as found objects to incorporating modern technology. As such, his creativity is boundless encompassing fundamentals such as drawing,painting, bronze casting, sculpting stone and traditional blacksmith forging to sculpture digitally rendered then manufactured using laser cutting, photography, video installations, neon lighting, digital animation to use of discarded materials and ethnographic objects.

While his creative exploration in terms of material and method are limitless, his subject matter suggests continuity in the matters which motivates him. One of his most significant points of departure has been the rock art of Southern Africa, which he has spent many years recording. His passion for the subject is amplified by Slingsby representing a generation deeply defined by having grown up in apartheid South Africa. This has led him to confronting many aspects of marginalization.