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Exhibitions opening 8 December 2016 at Knysna Fine Art Gallery


Lionel Smit


Lionel Smit's - exhibition entitled "Extract" .


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Hannalie Taute Exhibition


Hannalie Taute -exhibition entitled "Implanted Memories" .


"For this exhibition, I have investigated memory and memory implantation where psychologists have developed techniques to implant false memories. These studies have proved how easy it is to distort memories of past events and to make people remember things that never occurred.

It focuses on the debate about repressed memories and the possible danger of digging for lost memories.

Imagining a false event makes it feel more familiar, and people mistake this feeling of familiarity for evidence that they have experienced the event.

Psychologist Ulric Neisser explains: “Misremembering and retrospective reworking of the past are a part of human nature; they go with the territory and they happen all the time''.''


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Paula Louw


Paula Louw - exhibition entitled "Gently Does It" .


"The antithesis of all that one would normally consider a gun to be, the R5, revolver and R1 have been de-natured, are redemptive. Having been stitched together, they contradict any ideas we might have concerning these weapons in a traditional sense.

Colour, texture, shape, lines and curves, they could be the same deadly objects, but they present a very different aspect. They're loaded with hurt... wounds and tears have been stitched and mended, healing has been sought and rendered.

Sewing, normally considered the preserve of women, is the means of creation, causing these objects to take on a curiously feminine energy. They have been rendered completely harmless and present to us as soft, even rather cuddly objects, like a soft toy or teddy bear. They can no longer be loaded, cocked, nor the trigger pulled. They have been silenced. Paradoxically, we sense the deadly layers of meaning whose legacy history has conferred, whose dark weight drags these objects deeply into the softness of the pillow." - Paula Louw


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Charmaine Martin Haines Exhibition


Charmaine & Martin Haines - exhibition entitled "The Owl and the Pussy Cat" .


Wonderful ceramic works by the talented duo, Martin and Charmaine Haines


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