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163 x 213 cm
mixed media on canvas

163 x 213 cm
mixed media on canvas

163 x 213 cm
mixed media on canvas

163 x 213 cm
mixed media on canvas

183 x 224 x 31 cms mixed media

127 x 183 x 36 cms mixed media

224 x 122 x 305 cm
mixed media

122 x 166 x 61 cm
mixed media

Trek 2

“In this show I want to talk about light and a type of fine tensile strength, perhaps a feminine strength, seductive but tough.

I chose to force myself to look here at what it means to be a white South African woman artist in America and such far flung places for thirty odd years.

It has always been the same refrain, really, the struggle to meld two selves, two deep senses of awareness, to make an acceptably sane harmony of the two (or three or four ...)

With the use of the organic juxtaposed with the hard edge, I want the pieces to balance and create their own zing .... and comfort me.

I am naturally drawn to light - like a plant I will inadvertently find myself turned towards the light. I have always done this, even as a child. Hopefully I will continue to do this and perhaps one day simply disappear in a flash of light.”

- Myfanwy Bekker, 2004


BORN: 23 June, 1947 in Pretoria, South Africa

EDUCATION: 1970 Pretoria Technikon Ceramic Technology
1969 Diploma Fine Arts, Pretoria Technikon (major in painting)
1965 Matriculated Pretoria High School for Girls

‘Just as there are many ideas and concepts one has to share, so there are many media and forms to choose as vehicles. It’s sort of like a visual conversation, different audiences, different languages, different places. One decides upon the most efficient and pleasing ‘fit’.

We, as artists, go along, searching for our own truth and so our collective creativity becomes our personal and cultural history. We are simply visual communicators.”

Whilst studying at Pretoria Technikon, Bekker had associations with Richard Adams, Walter Battis, Esias Bosch, Sammy Lieberman and Gunter van der Reis. Later she also worked under Vladimir Tarachenhof in the Sey chelles. She was studio manager for Richard Adams School of Ceramics in South Africa and taught life drawing at Pretoria University at the Architectural School before leaving for the United States in 1976 where she continued to teach in various institutions and run workshops.

Bekker has gained widespread recognition, both in African and the United States. She has lived in New Mexico, Texas and California. She has shown in galleries throughout the US and is represented in many corporate and private collections. Since 1993 Bekker has concentrated on commissions, designing spaces and charitable shows.

She has a large studio in the lavender blue foothills of east San Diego County where she lives with her husband, Kenji Balajadia, and her beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback.

1993 Strings - Fort Worth, Texas
1990 Opening exhibition - Strings, Fort Worth, Texas
1988 William Campbell Gallery - Fort Worth, Texas
1986 Gallery One - Fort Worth, Texas
1985 Gallery One - Fort Worth, Texas
1974 Works on Paper - Beau Vallon Beach Show, Seychelles
1971 Sunnyside Gallery - South Africa


1993 Strings - Fort Worth, Texas
1991 Mary Corley Showrooms - San Francisco, California
Strings - Fort Worth, Texas
1990 Benefit exhibition - Dallas Museum of Art
Anti-apartheid exhibition - Milagro Gallery, Taos, New Mexico
1989 ‘Fish Tales’ - William Campbell Contemporary Art Gallery, Fort Worth, Texas
‘Out of Texas’ - Gallery International, San Diego, California
John E Hughes - Santa Fe, New Mexico
Annual Auction exhibition - Channel 13 TV, Dallas
Annual Auction Exhibition - Dallas Museum of Art
‘Main Street 89' - Fort Worth, Texas
1988 ‘Comments’ - National Nexus Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
William Campbell Gallery - Fort Worth, Texas
1987 Read-Stremmel Gallery - San Antonio, Texas
William Campbell Gallery at George C Nash Showrooms - Dallas, Texas
The Mill Street Gallery - Aspen, Colorado
Navy Pier Show - Perception Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1986 Nimbus Gallery - Dallas, Texas
Introductory exhibition - Perception Gallery, Houston, Texas
1985 Gallery One - Fort Worth, Texas
1984 The Anderson Collection - Ingram, Texas
Gallery One - Fort Worth, Texas
The Stuart Gallery - Amarillo, Texas
1983 The Anderson Collection - Ingram, Texas
Gallery One - Fort Worth, Texas
1981 Sonya’s Gallery - Odessa, Texas
1980 Sonya’s Gallery - Odessa, Texas
The Clay Works Gallery - Odessa, Texas
1979 New Mexico College exhibition
The Clay Works Gallery - Odessa, Texas
1978 New Mexico College exhibition
Llano Estacado exhibition
1969 Pretoria Arts Association Gallery, South Africa
Thesis exhibition - Ivan Solomon, South Africa

COMMISSIONS: Bekker has carried out many private and corporate commissions, including:

Miller of Texas Head Office, Santa Barbara, California & Fort Worth, Texas
Pier One Corporate Offices, Fort Work, Texas
Dallas Design Centre, Texas
Museum of Modern Art
Alford & Associates, Dallas, Texas
Fort Worth Zoo, Texas
George C Nash Showroom
Strings showroom, Fort Worth
Mary Corley showrooms, Forth Worth
Design Concepts, Dallas
Mr Charles Weatherby

COLLECTIONS: Bekker’s work is represented in many private collections worldwide. Her corporate collections include:

American Airlines, Texas
Weatherby / Spangler, Texas
Harris Hospital Group, Fort Worth, Texas
Pier One Corporation, Fort Worth, Texas
Miller of Texas, Forth Worth, Texas
Citibank, Dalla, Texas

PUBLICATIONS: 2004 San Diego Union Tribune
2003 Fort Worth Star Telegram
2002 Forth Worth Star Telegram
1991 Forth Worth Star Telegram
1990 South African Painters & Sculptors
1989 Southern Accents magazine
1988 Forth Worth Star Telegram
Texas Monthly Domain Review
Dallas Times Herald
1987 Texas Homes
Fort Worth & Houston Home & Garden
Dallas Morning News magazine


“Myfanwy Bekker’s work has been as consistent and heart-felt as any artist I have ever known. In the twenty four years I have known her, she has continually included observations on her surroundings, her South African heritage and her love of nature in every artistic endeavour. She is spontaneous in her application of paint, giving her images a soul - filled with emotion. Her understanding of materials makes it easy for her to translate ideas into paintings or sculptural work that capture the sentiment she wants to convey. She often includes neon in organic configurations that intertwine with clay, twigs, actual canvas or other structural elements that she has painted. Myfanwy’s South African background is ever-present in her work. Her love of the country and her upbringing are inescapable trademarks of this wonderful artist!”
- William Campbell, Art Consultant,USA

“Myfanwy’s body of work is a culmination of her creative explorations over many years. Her life’s journey is clearly reflected in her innovative and inspirational works exposing a profound sense of femininity as well as the juxtaposition of the influences of her two primary cultures.

Bekker’s diverse artworks capture metaphorically her passion for transcending boundaries and revealing both the strength and fragility of the human condition.”
- Naomi Nussbaum, Art Consultant, California, USA

“Myfanwy Bekker, the artist, the woman, is a source of light. She uses pencil and paintbrush with more immediacy and ease than most use words to tell the story of their lives. Her art is lyrical and soulful. There is beauty and delight, while also commenting on the severity of our human condition. Myfanwy’s experiences of South Africa, Texas, New Mexico and California, the landscape of the earth and the hearts and minds of each place’s inhabitants are all blended in her paintings...”
- Jill Sablosky, sculptor, Philadelphia, USA

“ .... [Myfanwy’s] private life and artistic creativity is inseparable. Her art is not only her life, her life is also at the heart of her art. She ‘sees’ beyond the visible and translates her ‘visions’ into diverse contexts and media, expressions that live as sacred dreamscapes, intuitive prayers and parables, reflecting both the shadow and the ideal potential of nature ...”
- Krystyna Jurzykowski, philanthropist, writer, philosopher, Texas & New York, USA

“ ...her extraordinary versatility in whatever medium she chooses, be it paint, clay, wood or glass projects her ability yo meld the cerebral with the emotional and the visual .....”
- Dr & Mrs E Furman, collectors, USA

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