cathy abraham hidden from the green eye oil on italian cotton canvas 180 x 108cm gkac
Cathy Abraham
ad reflex daydreamer oil 3 d modeling digital collages on c type print on diasec 130 cm
El Anatsui, the Ancester converged again
El Anatsui
johann badenhorst dawn oil on board and glass 75 x 100 x 6cm gkac
Johann Badenhorst
beezy bailey as it was in hell shall it be in heaven oil on canvas 170 x 250 cm gkac 12039
Beezy Bailey
Balcomb Piette web
Elizabeth Balcomb
img 20200529
Angela Banks
hubert barichievy royal jelly 102. h gkac 5984 side view
Hubert Barrichievy
Liberty Battson For the love of Ellsworth, 2k automotive paint on canvas on board, 180 x 50cm, GKAC 11910 Low Res
Liberty Battson
deborah bell unheard centre bronze edition 7 of 9 83 x 21 x 20cm gkac
Deborah Bell
hanneke benade 5 shades of red 3 soft pastel on white cotten paper 50 x 60cm
Hanneke Benade
img 5058 edited
Jaco Benade
Nic Bladen
blake diarypages iii
Tamlin Blake
Frans Boekkooi Higher Education, bronze and wood, 153cm high, GKX 12180 detail edited
Frans Boekkooi
Anton Brink, Each slow dusk, 2023, oil on canvas, 150x170cm LOW RES
Anton Brink
david bromely milan in silver acrylic and metal leaf on paper 150 x 120cm ic51869
David Bromley
Arabella Caccia
Norman Catherine Hollow Man, bronze, 42 x 25 x 13.5 cm, GKAC 12460
Norman Catherine
carol cauldwell vespa bunnies
Carol Cauldwell
Peter Cazalet
Ceramic Matters Rose Thorn, ceramic
Ceramic Matters
ingrid coerlin it is so much fun to open and close doors acrylic on canvas 90 x 150cm
Ingrid Coerlin
Marinda Combrinck, Remunitive, oil on canvas, 2023 low res
Marinda Combrinck
wilma cruise he does not give milk he does not lay eggs bronze 2 of 10 and wheelbarrow 91 x 132 x 60 cm gkac
Wilma Cruise
img 0637 edited
Tom Cullberg
chrysalis grace da costa
Grace da Costa
davies john head of a man resin 49 x 24 x 24cm gkcp
John Davies
gkac 11521 corlie de kock danae awakens 92 5 x 67 cm
Corlie De Kock
helen doherty no.2 rain rain come and stay ceramic
Helen Doherty
guy du toit naughty hare
Guy du Toit
weyers du toit incident on the table oil on board 36 x 36cm gkac 11915
Weyers du Toit
jane eppel whenever im with you 2022 etching ed. 5 of 20 wac
Jane Eppel
kerri evans untitled iv oil on canvas 72 x 42cm gkcp 7512
Kerri Evans
teresa kutala firmino oku yelisa to purify ii mixed media on canvas
Teresa Kutala Firmino
pierre louis geldenhuys green energy mixed media 2023.jpeg
Pierre Louis Geldenhuys
liza grobler diepkyk beads 165 x 165cm gkac
Liza Grobler
susan grundling freshly picked 60 x 75 cm
Susan Grundlingh
heidi haddaway free to be me
Heidi Hadaway
Charmaine Haines Abstract Portrait Vessel, ceramic, 41 x 36 x 36 cm, GKAC 14111
Charmaine Haines
martin haines lagoon cat pair 2023 ceramic 43cm gkac
Martin Haines
sasha hartslief artist and cat oil on canvas 95 x 75cm wac
Sasha Hartslief
cobus haupt behemoth gkac 11675 bronze edition 1 of 5 76 x 61 x 66cm
Cobus Haupt
Lee Ann Heath Bloom Bloom Mountain, oil on canvas, 140 x 200cm, GKAC 13781 Low Res
Lee-Ann Heath
gina heyer uitgang 2023 14 5 x 16cm oil on board
Gina Heyer
always in 115 x 130 oil and pencil crayon on canvas
Matthew Hindley
Phillemon Hlungwani, Manana, I wa nkoka eka mina I, Mother, you are so special to me I, charcoal and soft pastel on Fabriano paper, 151 x 161cm edited
Phillemon Hlungwani
Jeanne Hoffman Papered Room, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 80 cm, GKAC 13688
Jeanne Hoffman
hoogervorst flowers in the studio i oil on canvas 80 x 60cm
Swain Hoogervorst
melkbos dunes i available
Geoff Horne
helena hugo poisonous i pastel on board 84.5 x 61cm gkac
Helena Hugo
dada table1
James Mudge with Willem Boshoff
gkac 2859 aquarium oil on canvas 40 x 40 cm
Claude Jammet
thonton kabeya playtime ii triptych
Thonton Kabeya
kayser 54 1st street
Andrew Kayser
marie kearney sundown oil on canvas 30.5 x 30.5cm
Marie Kearney
madikotsi khumalo home 150 x 118 cm gkac
Madikotsi Khumalo
theo kleynhans black cherry gkac
Theo Kleynhans
kobus la grange femme in sundress spruce wood on mild steel base gkac 14237 detail
Kobus la Grange
lalitzky wladyslaw iphigenia oil on board
Wladyslaw Lalitzky
jay latter queen of hearts oil on panel 62. x 53. cm gkac
Jay Latter
maggie laubser portrait of a woman dolly een tand oil canvas 45.5 x 51 x 3 cm with frame gkcp
Maggie Laubser
thabang lohobye mirage on the hill oil on canvas 201 x 105.5cm gkac
Thabang Lehobye
s432 alerted leopard iii maquette
Dylan Lewis
Paula Louw Molly's Typewriter I, mixed media, 88 x 68cm, GKAC 14120
Paula Louw
michael macgarry the starry plough
Michael MacGarry
joel maboka nkumu visule paint and fabric mixed media on canvas 120 x 110cm gkac
Joel Mamboka
madelein marincowitz botany of desire 71 x 71 cm gkac
Madelein Marincowitz
setlamorago mashilo impasse ii charcoal and ink on paper 80 x 120 cm gks
Setlamorago Mashilo
louise mason lingering things oil on board 100 x 100cm edited
Louise Mason
mountains of the moon l0
Jacki McInnes
diane mclean still life with olive branch and ginger jar
Diane McLean
boy with frog bronze h 83cm
Toby Megaw
small kiss bronze h 41cm 2
Theo Megaw
Wokeopia Front
Andrew Mogridge
lucinda mudge show me your scars
Lucinda Mudge
img 4432 edited
Velaphi Mzimba
hugo naude cape landscape oil on board 25 x 35cm
Hugo Naude
daniel naude xhosa kraal ncata eastern cape
Daniel Naude
louis nel 04 09 2021 oil on canvas 70cm diam
Louis Nel
blessing ngobeni return of the descendants iv mixed media on canvas 2023 ac52400
Blessing Ngobeni
nhlanhla nhlapo metonymy of our culture acrylic oil and charcoal on cotton rag paper 109 x 87 cm gkac
Nhlanhla Nhlapo
Rosamund OConnor Shell Seeker, bronze edition 1 of 15 Low Res
Rosamund O'Connor
Norman O'Flynn Timekeeper Series I Want Magic, acrylic on acrylic glass, 151 x 101cm (low res)
Norman O'Flynn
trevor opperman cape thicket cast beaten aluminium
Trevor Opperman
j.h. pierneef saliena n. transvaal frame
JH Pierneef
marieke prinsloo umezi the maker bronze 5 out of
Marieke Prinsloo
Mark Rautenbach Song for Alpha GKAC 12514
Mark Rautenbach
lisa ringwood eland & windswept trees ceramic 11 x 42 x 33 cm gks 13892 front
Lisa Ringwood
carl roberts koala giraffe leg bone 75x16x16cm gkac
Carl Roberts
Krisjan Rossouw Kingdom12 edited
Krisjan Rossouw
knp diptych ii 120 x 200cm
Jaco Roux
img 1246 edited
Margot Rudolph
greg schultz light surge gkac 11650 oil on canvas 90x120cm
Greg Schultz
johaness scott natural suntan gkac 1484 edited
Johannes Scott
caryn scrimgeour a fearful thrill 70 x 40cm gkcp
Caryn Scrimgeour
henk serfontein turning pages jumping running broad jump 2023 charcoal & mixed media on archival hannemuhle paper 90 x 90 cm gkac
Henk Serfontein
andre serfontein in blue oil on canvas gkac
Andre Serfontein
jaco sieberhagen bevry 510 x 395 x 100 mm
Jaco Sieberhagen
robert slingsby time under alkebulan sky 2023 oil on canvas 180x220cm
Robert Slingsby
lionel smit covering 2024 oil on linen 100 x 80cm
Lionel Smit
oblivion of the waves
Anton Smit
Benjamin Stanwix Greet the truth as an enemy, charcoal and pencil crayon on paper, 131 x 129cm
Benjamin Stanwix
felicia the chartreuse fucshia scarf 132 x 170cm newprint and chalk pastel on folded paper
Gary Stephens
simon stone theatre oil on card 41 x 28cm
Simon Stone
Erinn Straughan
lisa swanepoel manhattan vanishing point acrylic on canvas 182 x 153cm gkac
Lisa Swanepoel
gerhard ceramic matters dinosaurs
Gerhard Swart
Hannalie Taute What is so happy about the ever after 122 x 85 cm Photographic print, rubber, thread and board 2022, GKAC 14418 low res
Hannalie Taute
angus taylor te midde bronze 2 of 12 gkac 11324 front view
Angus Taylor
guy thesen robberg artefact bronze in situ
Guy Thesen
jan tshikhuthula molalo peace iv
Jan Tshikhuthula
bushido delft
Ann-Marie Tully
paula van coller louw arachnes autumn web oil on canvas on board gkac
Paula van Coller Louw
shany van den berg tethys and aesacus...the diving bird oil on board 137 x 91 cm gkac
Shany van den Berg
vivian van der merwe op138 capricio storico oil wax and caustic on board 45 x 40cm gkcp9242
Vivian van der Merwe
img 5804 edited
Johann van der Schijff
artist with rabbit 2
Annelie van der Vyver
Jaco van Schalkwyk
bvs the last portrait and soul 121x103cm 2022.jpeg
Bastiaan van Stenis
peter van straten the kiss final 90 x 120 cm resized
Peter van Straten
brahm van zyl aspat a dane on the couch bronze edition 2 of 20 gkac8654 detail 2
Brahm van Zyl
Leon Vermeulen Failed Expedition IV, ink and watercolour. 99 x 70cm
Leon Vermeulen
walter voigt mapungubwe stormcloud 2021 oil on canvas 30 x 50cm ac
Walter Voigt
aidon westcott thirst the river provides oil paint & mixed media on canvas
Aidon Westcott
barbara wildenboer mans supremem inheritence gkac 11092 36 x 48 cm
Barbara Wildenboer
eve in the garden of eden vi
Judy Woodborne
Florian Wozniak Sitting Nude, GKCP9570, bronze edition 9 of 12, 70 x 37 x 43cm
Florian Wozniak